Find out who you are

Are you happy with your business? Are you happy with your station in life? A good way to find out who you are is to go and have a meal with Proactive Paul.

Whether you subscribe to the pyramid theory of hierarchy and wealth, or the onion theory, Paul has a few questions to help you.

Success in business (as in life) is not wholly connected with intelligence, but it’s connected with traits. Have you met some incredibly intelligent people who are poor? Or some really stupid people who are rich? Why does that happen?


There are also people who are entirely content with a station in life which is not primarily driven by wealth. Are you one of these people? What are these particular traits, and how do they interact? How can this knowledge help you to gain traction?

Are these traits built in? Can they be changed?

Chicken or eagle? Do you want to soar? Maybe you don’t? Maybe just fit somewhere in the middle?

Even though he has quite a few questions, Paul has very few answers! You have all the answers. However, sometimes they are stuck deep inside your own sub conscious. It’s the job of a business coach to help you find your own answers. And then, more importantly, to help you develop a plan and to implement that plan in order to achieve the results you really want.

Implementation is everything! Is that something you’d be interested in?