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Proactive Paul

A long time advocate of “go out and do some good in the world”, before he even left school Paul qualified as a lifeguard, passed his driving test, and his motorbike test, and only just scraped 3 A levels! Oddly, he found himself training to be an accountant, qualified, left that, retrained as a teacher, qualified, left that (the bureaucracy was overwhelming), and then went back to his old job, and started up his own accounting practice.

He’s not a typical accountant, he’s a good communicator and was once president of a public speaking club. Paul has a passion for old school relational databases, codes in PHP (somebody has to) and he enjoys assembling his own homebrew PCs. And he runs marathons. That’s “run” in the widest possible sense of the word!

Paul talks about health & fitness, speaking skills, life hacking, mindmaps, and about helping small businesses to succeed.

This is a session he presented at Barcamp London – Polyphasic Sleep